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GlassBlast is a part of building the new home of the San Francisco 49ers!

Levi’s Stadium, currently under construction and expected to be complete by the opening of the 2014 NFL football season, has been using GlassBlast as an alternative to sand for the blasting projects on site.

The sandblasting contractor for the stadium made the choice to use GlassBlast Medium as a blast media rather than sand and has been extremely happy with both its performance and consumption rate. Being environmentally safe, cost effective and with little clean-up required, GlassBlast is the best overall product for the job.

GlassBlast is a post-consumer recycled crushed glass for sandblasting and is available through five different plants across the country.

News - March 1, 2014

GlassBlast Medium and Course grades have passed all the California Air Resources Board testing. Fine is approved from the CARB until 2015. CARB testing is designed ensure that when a product is used for outdoor sandblasting dust pollution is below the allowed minimum.

News - January 17, 2014

GlassBlast will be the featured product in the EcoQuip booth at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas from January 21-24. Visit the EcoQuip booth in the Silver Outside demonstration area and experience first-hand a truly dustless sandblasting operation. GlassBlast is one of the recommended blast medias for use in EcoQuip vapor abrasive systems.

News - January 2, 2014

GlassBlast is proud to announce a business relationship with KBS, a division of Kleenblast. KBS specializes in the haul-a-way of spent blast media. KBS recycles the spent media into various products and materials saving thousands of tons of waste from being dumped into landfills.

News - December 1, 2013

GlassBlast recycled crushed glass has proven to be a perfect blast media for MMLJ dustless sandblasting systems. GlassBlast Fine has been tested and used by owners of MMLJ dustless sandblasting equipment with great results. GlassBlast can supply most owners with the recycled glass media from one of our eight shipping locations in the United States.

News - November 1, 2013

STAFDA distributors will be attending their annual convention at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. GlassBlast will be in attendance educating members of the upcoming OSHA enforcements of free silica released by sandblasting operations. GlassBlast, recycled glass used for sandblasting does not release free silica and will give STAFDA Distributors an alternative to silica sand which does release free silica into the environment. GlassBlast recycled glass for sandblasting is also approved for outdoor sandblasting by the California Air Resources Board.

News - September 1, 2013

RECM, the parent company of GlassBlast, is proud to announce that Border Products is now a stocking distributor of GlassBlast, the recycled glass used in sandblasting. GlassBlast can be found in three Border’s branches in the San Diego and Las Vegas markets. Scott Bortness, General Manager of Border Products said, “the decision to stock GlassBlast was an easy one because contractors have been requesting it for sandblasting in environmentally sensitive areas.“

News - 8/26/2013

OSHA released its long-awaited proposed rule tackling crystalline silica exposures on Friday (Aug. 23), rolling out a comprehensive regulation that if eventually adopted would cut the permissible exposure limit to 50 micrograms of respirable crystalline silica per cubic meter and take broad measures to limit worker exposures when sandblasting.

News - 6/20/2013

GlassBlast is mentioned a few times on the website dustlesssandblasting.com. Dustlesssandblasting.com is a site that promotes vapor abrasive blast equipment for removal and surface preparation industry. GlassBlast is one of the approved medias by EcoQuip for use in their dustless sandblasting units. Because of the economic cost of GlassBlast it is becoming the choice of blast media for owners of vapor abrasive systems. Take the time to become familiar with all the sandblasting alternatives at dustlesssandblasting.com.

News - 5/17/2013

In response to our petroleum customers needs, RECM has had GlassBlast tested for exploslosibility. The testing proved that GlassBlast is non-explosive when used as a substitute for sand in sandblasting. Glass as a sandblasting media has a lot of advantages over garnet, cooper slag and coal slags. You can review the test result by visiting the following link: FAI13-0149 Dust Explosibility Screening Test for GlassBlast

News - 4/17/2013

The new GlassBlast brochure is now available. The focus of the new brochure is to answer all the questions about using glass for sandblasting. The previous brochure addressed the environmental advantages of using glass for sandblasting and how much better for the environment GlassBlast was than Kleen Blast copper slag. The six panel brochure contains a sample of the recycled glass for sandblasting. If you would like to receive the new GlassBlast brochure contact Rik Gagnon at (855) 291-6996 or Rik@GlassBlast.com

News - 3/17/2013

GlassBlast has added a size comparison chart to the technical data tab on the website for sandblasting products. Now you can find how the other products used for sandblasting compare in size to GlassBlast. Listed is Kleen Blast copper slag, Garnet for sandblasting, Coal Slag, Black Beauty coal slag, Green Diamond, Glass Bead for sandblasting, Silica Sand, Lapis Luster, Starblast, and Sharpshot cooper slag. GlassBlast sizing is listed as fine 46/70, medium 20/46 and course 12/20. The comparison chart then lists the GlassBlast sizing and the closest cross-over.

Some manufactures of sandblasting media like Kleen Blast copper slag, Silica Sand Lapis Luster, Black Beauty coal slag, and Starblast do not have direct cross-overs. In this case the Glass Blast conversion chart has an "N/A" in the spot.

News - 5/21/2012

DUSTLESS SANDBLASTING SEMINAR on Thursday March 7 from 9-3:00 at the Gonneville, Inc. facility, 211 Pintoresco, San Clemente CA 92672.

Gonneville Inc, the premiere West Coast distributor of EcoQuip Blast Equipment, will be hosting the seminar. You will walk away knowing the features and benefits of Vapor Abrasive Blast Equipment, environmentally friendly blast media options and disposal of spent media.

GlassBlast owner Rik Gagnonwill present the do's and don'ts of crushed glass usage and Jeff Johnson of US Technology Inc. will discuss when and how to recycle blast media that has been contaminated in the blasting process.

The most anticipated part of the seminar will be the hands-on use of the EcoQuip Blast Equipment. During this part of the seminar attendees will personally be able to try this innovative and eco-friendly method of abrasive blasting. Experience first-hand the future in sandblasting!

Visit dustlesssandblasting.com to sign up for the seminar and to guarantee your spot today!

GlassBlast is in stock and ready for shipment. Please visit www.GlassBlast.com or contact Rik by phone 949-412-0792 or email Rik@GlassBlast.com for more information on how you can save dollars on your blast media.

News - 5/21/2012

Dustless sandblasting using an inert, environmentally friendly product will not only save a contractor thousands of dollars on a project but will also make for a much safer job site.

When sandblasting in an open space that requires a containment envelope to protect the surrounding area, the challenges are immense. You have challenges with what to use and how to keep it in place with creating a negative air situation. If you could eliminate the dust and use a blast media that contains no heavy metals or free crystalline silica dust then you would reduce much of the pre-blasting preparation.

By using EcoQuip™ Vapor Abrasive Blast Equipment along with GlassBlast™, in most cases there is no need for a containment envelope, clean-up is minimal, and disposal of hazardous materials sometimes eliminated. Remarkably, the blasting process takes no longer than conventional systems! In addition, you end up using much less blast media to achieve the same results


If you are currently involved in or bidding a project requiring dust containment and disposal, increase your profits by researching the EcoQuip™ and GlassBlast™ advantage.

EcoQuip™Equipment is offered for rental or purchase and GlassBlast™ is readily available. For a quick video on dustless blasting and more information on EcoQuip™, please go to www.ecoquip.com.

For information regarding GlassBlast™ and recycled glass sandblasting alternatives, see www.GlassBlast.com or contact Rik at Rik@GlassBlast.com

News - 3/01/2012

GlassBlast is now a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council. USGBC is a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable building design and construction. Our goal is to promote all products that are environmentally friendly and to develop relationships with other companies with like visions. The acceptance of GlassBlast into the council was very positive and we look forward to being involved with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) discussions moving forward.

News - 2/29/2012

Third party evaluations confirmed what we already knew, GlassBlast outperforms garnet! In side-by-side comparisons conducted by a major refinery, GlassBlast was equal or superior in each test. As documentation and certification are completed, details of the evaluations will be made public and will soon be posted here.

News - 2/1/2012

GlassBlast received CARB approval Monday January 23rd. It was perfect timing due to the fact GlassBlast was being shown for the first time at a trade show the World of Concrete, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The interest in the glass blast media was exceptional. Most contractors said they were looking for a environmentally friendly product to replace the slags without spending a lot more money.

The glass sandblasting product was being used at the EcoQuip booth. The EcoQuip sand blasting equipment is a wet blasting system that is a game changer when it comes to sandblasting.

News - 1/1/2012

A new solution for your blasting needs is on the way to your market. This product will benefit you the professional contractor, your employees and your customers. A cost effective solution that replaces silica sand a suspected source of silicosis, coal slag a poisonous by product long hauled into your local market and copper slag an import from our Canadian neighbors rich in heavy metals.

Our relationship with national recycling firms assures the finest quality consistent product available in any market. Look for our cost effective, locally recycled, California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved product.

Have a question, or want a sample? Please e-mail us at Rik@GlassBlast.com

Interested in how our product can help you with green construction initiatives? Please e-mail us at Rik@GlassBlast.com

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