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Why Is Surface Preparation So Important?

HoldTight®102 salt remover / flash rust preventer has set the standard of performance for more than a decade. It KILLS ALL SALTS and STOPS flash rust in one pass. It leaves no residue. It’s good for coatings.

Water is not always enough. HoldTight 102 is the best way to get a clean surface. Hold Tight 102 is a cleaning additive that prevents flash rust while wet blasting. It effectively removes surface contamination, salts and light oils and greases. It evaporates off with the water leaving a surface clean and ready to finish.

As a rust inhibitor or as a cleaning additive, HoldTight 102 is easy to work with and safe. It is soluble in water and, like GlassBlast recycled glass for sandblasting, it too is non-hazardous, non-flammable, phosphate free and biodegradable.

Hold Tight 102 is colorless and leaves no residue or surface salts. The product chemistry has been approved by the FDA for food grade service under 21 Code of Federal Regulations 178.3400.

Cleaner surfaces and better surface preparation means extended coating and lining life. HoldTight 102 cleans the surface during the surface preparation process better than most anything else. The product has been available and known to industry insiders for many years. It’s now available to you and will result in superior surface preparation and longer life for our nation’s failing infrastructures: bridges, pipelines, storage tanks, factories, power plants, refineries, rail cars and more. HoldTight 102 is helping in the maintenance and preservation of these icons.

COST Holdtight 102 in 5 gal jugs cost only $70 a gallon. When you mix it at a ratio of 50 to 250 to one coverage rates are just pennies.

MSDS for HoldTight 102

SDS for HoldTight 102

Ease of Use!

HoldTight 102 is simply added to the water prior to surface treatment. The key is to use as little product as possible while achieving the desired result.

There are many factors that affect flash rusting from surface cleanliness to humidity, temperatures etc. so the ratio of HoldTight 102 to water fluxuates dependent upon the situational variables. Users can get Click for detailed usage and mix ratios.

You will find HoldTight 102 to be the most affordable and reliable product for rust prevention.

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Frequently asked questions:
Q: What happens to Holdtight 102 if it freezes?
A: Thaw it out and use as directed.

Q:I had Holdtight 102 mixed in my water tank and it froze what should I do?
A: Thaw it out and use as intended.

Ordering Information:

HoldTight 102 special pricing:

  • 1 gal $70.00
  • 4 x 1 gallon cases $280.00
  • 5 gallon pails $300.00
  • 55 gallon drums $2100.00

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