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PSI Recommendation By Application for GlassBlast  40/70 Grade:

Application PSI
Wood siding, Log Cabins 70-80
Fire Damage 60-70
Marine/Graffiti 70-80
Automotive 50-60
Brick 70-80
Concrete 60-80
Lawn Furniture 20-100 (start low)
Iron Gates 60-80
Strip Removal Blacktop 40-60
Statues 30-60
Coke Cans/Restorations 30-60
Wood Decks 60-70
Chimneys 60-80
Retaining Walls 60-80
Pools, Pool Tile, Pool Decks 40-70
Brick Pavers, Steps 40-80
Roofs 40-80


 PSI Recommendation by Application for TruAbrasives 20/40 Grade:

Application PSI
Construction Equipment 90-100
Steel 80-100
Iron 80-100
Lawn Furniture 80-100
Iron Gates 90-100
Aluminum, Epoxy, Powercoats 30-50
Brass, Copper, Fleet Trucks 30-50