Using an inert, environmentally friendly product

Dustless sandblasting using an inert, environmentally friendly product will not only save a contractor thousands of dollars on a project but will also make for a much safer job site.

When sandblasting in an open space that requires a containment envelope to protect the surrounding area, the challenges are immense. You have challenges with what to use and how to keep it in place with creating a negative air situation. If you could eliminate the dust and use a blast media that contains no heavy metals or free crystalline silica dust then you would reduce much of the pre-blasting preparation.

By using EcoQuip™ Vapor Abrasive Blast Equipment along with GlassBlast™, in most cases there is no need for a containment envelope, clean-up is minimal, and disposal of hazardous materials sometimes eliminated. Remarkably, the blasting process takes no longer than conventional systems! In addition, you end up using much less blast media to achieve the same results.

If you are currently involved in or bidding a project requiring dust containment and disposal, increase your profits by researching the EcoQuip™ and GlassBlast™ advantage.

EcoQuip™Equipment is offered for rental or purchase and GlassBlast™ is readily available. For a quick video on dustless blasting and more information on EcoQuip™, please go to

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