Where can I buy GlassBlast?

Where can I buy GlassBlast, the recycled glass for sandblasting. GlassBlast now has two distributors in Las Vegas. We are always getting the question where can I buy GlassBlast. In Las Vegas and San Diego Border Construction Products is a stocking distributor of GlassBlast. In Chula Vista you can get GlassBlast at Kleen Blast, a full line abrasive dealer that sells garnet, Kleen Blast copper slag and aluminum oxide. White Cap Construction Supply now known as HD Supply Construction & Industrial in Las Vegas has stock and can special order GlassBlast also. Where is GlassBlast available in Hawaii? White Cap or HD Supply Construction & Industrial.

You can also order GlassBlast online through AbrasiveBlastEquipment.com or Construction Supply Sourcing